Image of a woman stood at the edge of a lake. She has a small child in her arms facing away from the camera and leaning away from the woman. The woman has dark hair tied back and is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a navy blue waterproof coat with white anchors on it. The child is wearing a green waterproof coat.

Work With Me

Work With Me

If you are interested in working with me I’d love to hear from you!

I re-launched Raising a Ragamuffin earlier this year with a focus on feminist parenting, aiming to empower parents and children. I’m on a mission to make sure that all children have the confidence and freedom to be who they truly are. Thus ensuring that they grow up to be happy people who raise happy children.

Image of a toddler girl wearing a bright yellow cardigan, rainbow striped leggings and bright yellow wellies. She is also wearing a red hat obscuring her face and blue ladybird patterned gardening gloves. In one hand she holds a child-sized garden brush.

This outfit was chosen by Ragamuffin. I encourage her to choose her clothes as often as possible.

How To Work With Me

I’m happy to work with any brand or company that fits in with the ethos of my blog. I’m open to a variety of ways to collaborate including sponsored posts, product reviews and giveaways. This list is not exhaustive so if you think we could work together please get in touch.

Please note that I do not use any identifiable pictures of my daughter in any of my blog posts or social media.

Image ot a toddler in sky blue harem trousers with a Mickey Mouse soft toy on her back in a toy baby carrier

Ragamuffin is living proof that children learn behaviour. Being carried is normal to her and so she likes to carry her toys too.

Contact Me

You can get in touch by sending an email to Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram