March Feminist Parent Blogger Round Up - Image of a hot pink notebook with Girl Power written in gold text on the front. Next to it is a sky blue triangular flag with #Feminist written on it.

March Feminist Parent Blogger Round Up

March Feminist Parent Blogger Round Up

Welcome to my March feminist parent blogger round up  – first in my series of monthly blogger round ups. There will be links to feminist specific posts, feminist parenting posts and some general posts.

March has been a busy month here at Raising a Ragamuffin HQ. Early this month I launched The Blog Genie, a tech help blog for bloggers. In the coming months you’ll find the blog jam-packed full of plugin recommendations, how-to’s, tutorials and more. I also offer my technical services for those jobs you don’t have time to do or ones you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself.

International Women’s day has been and gone and of course it’s Women’s history month too. If that wasn’t enough you, at the time of writing we’ve just had our second heavy snow of the month. So like I said it’s been a busy month.

Why have I Decided to Start a Monthly Round-Up?

If you follow me on social media you’ll know how wonderful I think the blogging community is. For a long time I’ve been looking for somewhere to fit in and I think I’ve finally found it.

I get very anxious in social situations. I feel awkward and end up blurting out words that sound good in my head but wrong when I say them out loud. This is what makes online communities ideal for me; I don’t feel any of that awkwardness and typing words gives me the extra few seconds I need to work out whether my words sound how I mean them or not.

Anyway, as a way of thanking all the wonderful bloggers who have helped me and who I interact with daily (you know who you are) this will be the first of a monthly round up of my favourite blog posts.



Feminist Blog Posts

The 30 Best Things About Being a Woman in 2018 – Letters to my Daughter
20 things you can do to champion women on International Women’s Day – Nomipalony

An image of a person lying on the floor with their head on a white and blue bag, their knees bent and they're holding a book up to read. There is a wall in the background covered in different shades of blue graffiti.


Feminist Parenting Blog Posts

March: Inspirational Women – International Women’s Day 2018 – Mamma Prada
Gender Equality Isn’t Just For Girls – Might Mama Bear
10 facts about working mums that we should all be angrier about – Squirmy Popple
How to Make Women’s History Month Fun for Kids – Think or Blue
You Are Freaking Incredible – Soft Thistle Life
Shout Out to the Single Moms – You Rock! – School Runs and Shopping Trolleys

Image containing drawings of the shoulder and faceless heads of four women. On the left the woman has dark skin, long dark hair in a pony tail and a cerise top, to her right is a woman with a lighter skin tone and short dark hair wearing a purple top. To the right is a woman with a dark skin tone and long dark hair, she is wearing a cerise top and a cerise head band in her hair, the righ-most picture is of a woman with a lighter skin tone than the previous and a short curly dark hairstyle.


Miscellanous Posts

Top 5 attractions to leave your little ones amazed | Disneyland Paris – Mummies Waiting
An eventful start to the year – An Accountant and a Mum
5 Car Buying Tips – Rachel in Real Life
Do you ever wonder…Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Bumps Babies Tots and Teens
I hope you enjoy reading my March feminist parent blogger round up as much as I enjoyed putting it together. If you have any recommendations for bloggers I should check out for next month’s round up leave me a comment.


March Feminist Parent Blogger Round Up - image of a sky blue triangular flag with #FEMINIST written on it, next to turquoise pen with Yes, I am a feminist written on it.

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