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April Feminist Parent Blogger Round Up

April Feminist Parent Blogger Round Up

Welcome to my April feminist parent blogger round-up. This is the place where I share my favourite feminist parenting blog posts from April this year. It’s only the secong round-up post that I’ve written, but I’m loving writing them already. It’s so nice to be able to share with you the posts that I’ve enjoyed reading from my favourite feminist bloggers.

There was one moment this month that made me feel a little bit sad. It reminded me that the feminist movement has so far still to go to achieve gender equality. My dream here at Raising a Ragamuffin is that one day feminism will no longer be a ‘thing’, because everyone will be feminists. Everyone would treat eachother as individuals rather than stereotyping based on nothing but a person’s genitals, as they seem to do now.


A long way for Feminism to go still…

A new feminist blogger got in touch recently and, among other things, she asked my advice on whether she should include the word ‘feminist’ in her blog name. She was worried that so many people think negatively about feminism despite believing in gender equality, that it may limit her audience. Putting my blogging hat on, I said that anyone put off by a name that includes the word feminist would likely not be her ‘people’ and that she shouldn’t worry.

Either way she decided to change the name of her blog, which I’m not judging her for, at all. At the end of the day it wasn’t my blog and she has the right to name it whatever she pleases. The reason I mention it at all is because still, in 2018, even the most passionate feminists feel like they will appeal to more people if they don’t use the word feminist. But it also makes me even more determined to get my message out there. It reaffirms my belief that the world still needs feminism, maybe more than ever. Millions of girls all over the world need women in privileged positions to fight for them. And that is what I will do.


Feminist Parenting Blog Posts

Want to make things better for mothers? Sort out paternity leave – The Squirmy Popple

This one caught my eye on twitter this month because it really resonated with me. When Ragamuffin was born we had some issues with daddy Ragamuffin’s paternity leave because she was born one week before Easter. His school, at first, were only willing to allow him to have one week’s paternity leave in addition to his usual Easter holiday allowance because technically Easter holidays still count as days in work or some such rubbish. Either way, his headteacher had to step in and explicitly allow him to have his second week of paternity leave.

Katie hits the nail on the head with the title of this post – it’s a great read so please do pop over for a nosy.


15 body positive Instagram accounts you should be following – Nomipalony

Ok, so this one isn’t strictly feminist parenting, but I loved this post so much I just had to share. Instagram is my least favourite social media platform. I find it very superficial and nto a true reflection of real life. It was so refreshing to see the pictures on the Instagram accounts Nyomi lists in this post. These accounts post pictures of real women and the way women actually look. This is definitely worth a read if you use Instagram.


5 positive & empowering things to say to your daughter every day – Letters to my Daughter

No round-up of feminist parenting bloggers posts would be complete without the lovely Alice from Letters to my Daughter. Even though I try to be mindful of the language I use around Ragamuffin I still slip up from time to time. But the 5 suggestions from this post and the 25 in the free download, I’ll be making sure that I have a load of phrases ready to use when I need them.


Why We Should Stop Labeling Kids… and 12 Other Ways to Raise Young Feminists – Think or Blue

Catherine from Think or Blue is one of my favourite feminist parenting bloggers. She has such a fresh view on raising kids from a feminist perspective and this post is no different. I firmly believe that to get true gender equality that we need to be raising our children as feminists. This is a great post that I’m sure you will enjoy as much as I did.


Well that’s it for this month’s round-up, I hope to see you next month for the next instalment.
I hope you enjoy reading my April feminist parent blogger round up as much as I enjoyed putting it together. If you have any recommendations for bloggers I should check out for next month’s round up leave me a comment.


Feminist Parenting Bloggers


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