Hand Crafted Slate Plant Marker

The House Name Plate Company sent me this slate plant marker to review and it didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t wait to get into the garden to place it.

Fostering a Love for the Outdoors

We’re trying to encourage ragamuffin out into the garden as much as possible. We signed up for 30 Days Wild in June (check out my blog post) and our tomato plants have just started bearing fruit. At least 5 tiny green tomatoes are growing on our 4 plants and ragamuffin enjoys checking on them on our way in and out of the house.  We were also gifted some strawberry plant cuttings a few weeks ago. So we’re making a conscious effort to spend more quality time in the garden and are developing green fingers.
Our aim is to foster a love for the outdoors before ragamuffin gets too attached to screen time although this is easier said than done at times!

Slate Plant Marker

Slate Plant Marker – The House Nameplate Company

Slate Plant Marker

The message laser etched onto this slate plant marker is just the attitude we’re trying to encourage with ragamuffin. The sun behind the cloud is really cute and it fits in perfectly with the atmosphere in our garden.
Design not your cup of tea? Head over to The House Nameplate Company where they have designs to suit all tastes.

The plant marker measures at 10x10cm (10x23cm including stake) and retails at £9.99. When I opened the box, I thought that it looked quite big for a plant marker. However, once I placed it next to one of our established tomato plants it looks to be the ideal size. The etching is really clear, so that I can see it from the other side of the garden.

Slate Plant Marker

Message Easily Visible from a distance


Overall I think this slate plant marker from The House Nameplate Company offers good value for money at £9.99. It makes a reasonably priced gift to any green-fingered friends and relatives.
I was given this marker in exchange for this review, however I do have my eye on a couple more of these markers in different designs. I’m also tempted by some other decorative garden items such as these personalised crates.
All things considered I highly recommend this slate plant marker as a gift for someone else or yourself. I think you’d struggle to find similar items of the same level of quality in this price bracket.

What do you think of this slate plant marker? Don’t forget to leave me a comment below and let me know 🙂

* Disclaimer * I received a slate plant marker in exchange for this review but the opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

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