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The 7 Best Gender Neutral Potty Training Books for Kids

The 7 Best Gender Neutral Potty Training Books for Kids

One topic I often see in parenting groups is gender neutral potty training books for kids. I know, from comments on these posts, that it can be quite a controversial subject. After all, boys and girls do have different genitals which, as they get older, means the mechanics of using a potty or toilet can be different. However, that doesn’t mean that books designed to introduce children to the idea of a potty need to be gendered. Let’s be honest, it’s not like you’re giving them a step by step instruction manual, is it?

So without further ado, here are the 7 best gender neutral potty training books.

Where’s the Poop? – Julie Markes

Where’s the Poop? Is still a favourite here in the Raising a Ragamuffin household even now it’s a few months since Ragamuffin was potty trained during the day. What I really love is not only are there a variety of animals mentioned in the book but it also mixes up the gender of the parents. On one page the baby animal will respond to their mother, and the next their father. Even at the end of the book when we get to people, both a girl and a boy make an appearance.

A Potty for Me – Karen Katz

This looks like a lovely lift-the-flap book to introduce the idea of potty training to toddlers. The story is told in the first person, from the point of view of the child, and it looks like there’s no mention of the child’s gender. The hair and clothes of the child give no clues either. If I’d known about it when we were potty training, I would definitely have given it a go.

Zoo Poo

This is another one that features animals, it looks at where animals poo. It also includes ‘confidence boosting tips’ meant for parent and children to read together. I’ve not been able to read them so I can’t say if they’re gendered. If I were to buy this book which, I probably would have had I thought to look for gender neutral potty training books, and found the tips gendered I’d just ignore them.

On My Potty – Leslie Patricelli

Reviews of this book look really good with the average Amazon review giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most of the praise talks about simple illustrations and minimal text which keeps younger children enagaged. The illustrations don’t show any genitals and no gender is mentioned in this book either. This looks to be a good one to encourage little ones to at least try sitting on a potty.

Who’s in the Loo?

I do like potty books about animals. Ragamuffin seems to enjoy them much more than ones about human children. This one is based around finding out who’s in the loo. My favourite line has to be ‘Is it a rhino who had a hot curry?’ especially with the illustration to match! It looks really funny and one I think that both adults and children will enjoy reading.

The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business – Werner Holzwarth

Poo and animals are definitely a recurring theme with gender neutral potty training books. This book is about a mole who find poo on his head and visits all the animals to find out who it came from. Another 4.5* rated book on Amazon, it sounds like a hilarious book, and one I’m tempted to buy Ragamuffin, even though we’re past potty training, because I think she’ll enjoy the story.

What is Poo?(Very First Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers) – Katie Daynes

Here comes another lift the flap book based around poo! It includes lots of poo-related facts, so if you’re little one is full of questions this could be a winner. The illustrations look to be a bit more colourful and modern than ‘Where’s the Poo?’ (mentioned above), so if you’re looking for something similar this might just be up your street.

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  1. I got zoo poo when starting to introduce potty training to my daughter years ago. It was great because it’s a bit funny and seemed to help remove the stigma of poo, it’s kind of like ‘everyone poos’ type thing and we both loved it. I kept it actually and hoping it will be useful for my baby boy too. 🙂

    1. Post

      I think the mark of a good book to introduce potty training to young kids is humour. If they can laugh at it then it takes some fear of the unknown away. Thanks for reading ?

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  2. Hi Kim,

    Another Kim here. I’m trying to write an article on potty training aimed at parents of penis havers but I’m struggling to write in gender neutral language without coming off as creepy or weird. I know this is down to societal constraints. Any advice?

    Nanny Kimbo

    1. Post

      It’s a really difficult one, and one I struggled with when I was writing about periods. It’s really hard to make sure that you’re being inclusive in your writing as much as possible, but I also think it’s very important.
      I think there are two possible options. You could say something like, in this article when I refer to boys, or maybe males might be a better word, I mean child born biologically male. The alternative, which I used during my normalising periods series was add a tooltip of the words woman/women explaining that I was referring to anyone born biologically female. I’ve just been looking for a post for your reference but it looks like when I changed my blog theme recently those tooltips have been lost, something I need to fix ASAP.
      Please get in touch if you have any more questions 🙂

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