Large Grimm’s Rainbow: Review

Large Grimm’s Rainbow

Come Christmas getting your hands on a large Grimm’s rainbow can be no mean feat. Wooden toys are making a comeback and toy makers Grimm’s are right in the thick of it. Quality, non-mass produced toys are hard to come by these days. I like colourful toys that need lots of input from kids. I’m not a fan of the electronic, heavily gendered toys that seem to be taking over the toy aisles in shops.

Grimm’s as a brand tick all the boxes for me in this sense. They’re toys are brightly coloured and there’s not a battery in sight. But are the large Grimm’s rainbows really worth the hype? Read on to find out.

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Image of a large Grimm's rainbow arranged in a cone shape with the widest arch, red, at the top of the picture and the narrowest a purple colour arched at the bottom. The background is a light coloured wood.

Lovely bright colours!

Who are Grimm’s?

Grimm’s are a family-run German company based in Hochdorf. All toys are designed, finished (including staining and sanding) and packed at Grimm’s HQ. The woodwork is outsourced to a select few companies in Europe. All wood comes from sustainable forests and packaging is kept to a minimum.

My favourite part of Grimm’s toys is that they’re stained rather than painted so you can see the grain of the wood making each one unique. They have a lovely natural wooden texture and smell to them. As soon as you get them out of the box they just scream quality.

Grimm’s don’t ‘gender’ their toys, which puts them right at the top of my list of toy brands. To them toys are toys, and each toy has a purpose. Whether it be matching colours, building towers or jigsaws to name but a few.


Large Grimm's rainbow arranged so that the arches overlap to almost make a circular shape set against a light wooden background.

The only limit is your imagination where the large Grimm’s rainbow is concerned.


Large Grimm's Rainbow against a light wooden background. The arches are arranged within each other to form an odd looking circle.

Large Grimm’s Rainbow

I’d had my eye on a large Grimm’s rainbow for a while before we bought one for Ragamuffin’s second Christmas. I won’t lie, they’re quite pricey (around £60 for a large one). But I  think they’re worth every penny. A large rainbow includes 12 pieces and measures 38cm x 18cm.

The possibilities are endless with this toy. You can build towers, make tunnels and use it as a ramp for toy cars. We’ve had hours and hours of fun from it, and that’s just me and daddy! Sometimes Ragamuffin uses it as a bridge for toy cars, she uses it to match colours and she has even rocked some of her toys to sleep on a piece. I know already that it’s going to be a toy that’s passed down through the generations in our family.

The rainbow encourages all children, including girls, to practice their STEM skills. The only limit, where the large Grimm’s rainbow is concerned, is the child’s imagination. I love the bright colours, which will appeal to all adults and children alike. And when it’s not being played with it makes a lovely ornament on the toy shelf!


Image of a wooden toy car on a light wooden surface, it's been placed next to 3 arcs from the large Grimm's rainbow that form a tunnel.

The large Grimm’s rainbow makes a great tunnel for toy cars.


Image of the yellow arc from the large Grimm's rainbow with the arc facing down, and it's propped up by the smallest arc from the rainbow to make a ramp. A small red wooden car is on the 'ramp'.

And a great ramp too!


What do you Think About the Large Grimm’s Rainbow?

So I’m pretty much in love with our large Grimm’s rainbow, so much so that I bought a mini-version of it when Ragamuffin’s cousin was born in December. But what do you think?

Do you have one? Have you had your eye on one? Are you likely to buy one after reading this? I love reading your comments so please let me know what you think 🙂

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  1. Great little toy but I think it’s terribly overpriced for what it is! I feel like they’ve latched on to the fact that there is a market for “gender neutral” well made toys and are making huge profits on the back of it. I mean fair play to them those type of parents have money to spend/waste on little Tarquin but at the end of the day it is just a wooden rainbow.

    1. Post

      You make a good point, it is an expensive toy but they are hand finished and the wood is sourced from sustainable sources. For me I think it’s going to be a toy that we pass down through generations. I realise that I’m in quite a privileged position to be able to do that. You could probably find something similar elsewhere for half the price/

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