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The 17 Most Awesome Female Cartoon Characters

The 17 Most Awesome Female Cartoon Characters

It’s almost impossible to shield kids from TV these days. I started out as one of those parents whose children would never watch TV, eat fish fingers and chips let alone do both at the same time. Then reality kicked in. There are those days where you just want half an hour’s peace, and plonking your Ragamuffin in front of the TV is the only way to get it. So how do you make sure that when they are watching TV it’s a positive influence on your girls? Worry no more my friends because I have put together a list of 17 of the most awesome female cartoon characters.

You’re welcome. Let’s get stuck in.

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Doc McStuffins – There was only one place to start this list and that was with Doc McStuffins. She is my favourite of all the female cartoon characters on this list. Not only is she a girl of colour, but she is a doctor to her stuffed toys and animals who come to life with one touch of her magic stethoscope. Her dad stays at home while her mum works as a doctor, and episodes cover issues like consent. I could go on – I just love this program so much. Check out 5 Reasons Why Girls Should Watch Doc McStuffins for more info.

Sofia the First – Sofia becomes a princess overnight when her mum marries the king. The show is about her coming to terms with life as a princess. She’s kind to everyone, including her talking animal friends and uses her wit to save the kingdom.

My Little Pony – It was only that someone in a facebook group mentioned that this was a good show for girls that I even considered it. But actually, it’s a great program to teach kids about the importance 0f friends and friendship. There are much much worse female cartoon characters out there than the ponies of Equestria.

Elena of Avalor – We discovered Elena of Avalor quite recently and she’s become a firm favourite in our house. Elena totally kicks ass as a hands-on defender of her kingdom. Wise and not afraid to get her hands dirty, Elena proves that princesses can be both clever and kind.

Word Girl – Word Girl is secretly a super hero with super strength, abilties and a huge vocaubulary. Join her as she copes with being a kid with a hidden identity.

Sarah and Duck – Sarah and Duck follows (would you believe?) Sarah and her best friend Duck as they go on exciting adventures together.

Peg and Cat – Peg and Cat is a bit different to most female cartoon shows because the problems that they face during episodes are ones they need to use their maths skills to solve. You don’t often come across programs aimed at girls that have this kind of element to them, so I would say it’s worth at least a watch just for that.

The Power Puff Girls – No list of female cartoon characters would be complete without The Power Puff Girls. The original cartoon super girls who, created from a mix up in a lab, use their powers to save the world. Simple as.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom – This is another one to teach your littles about being kind and helping others. This cartoon follows True and her cat sidekick on their adventures through the Rainbow Kingdom.

The Magic School Bus – This one takes me back to my childhood. I first came across The Magic School Bus as a computer game on my granddad’s first ever computer! Mrs Frizzle is a science teacher who catches kids imagination right from the get go, and teaches them without them even realising.

She-Ra – She-Ra is the ultimate female superhero who protects the world of Etheria from the evil Hordak.

Rainbow Brite – Rainbow Brite protects Rainbowland along with her horse and the Sprites from Murky and Lurky Dismal.

Kim Possible – Kim Possible was probably the nicest thing anyone called me in school (apart from just Kim, obviously). Kim is a bit unique on this list of female cartoon characters being the only spy.  Cheerleader by day, spy by night Kim Possible is a badass who must save the world from a gang of bad guys trying to alter time for their own evil purposes.

Pinky Dinky Doo – This show is about Pinky who makes up stories to deal with problems. During each episode there is a ‘Great Big Fancy Word’ to help your little people with their vocabulary.

Vampirina – I like that Vampirina is a bit different to the other shows in this list, because she’s a vampire. She helps her family, which includes a ghost and a werewolf, host guests from Transylvania in their B&B and shows her human friends how to have a great time, ghoul-style.

Nella The Princess Knight – Another show that proves that Princesses can be more than pretty, Nella is not only a Princess but a Knight too! She’s brave, determined and always true to herself. She’s the ultimate Princess.

Sheriff Callie – Bringing up the rear is Sheriff Callie who, as the name would suggest, is a sheriff in the wild west. She teaches children to be brave and kind, to work hard and tell the truth among other things.

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