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Christmas Would you Rather?

Christmas Would you Rather?

Here’s an extra post in the run up to Christmas, just for fun! I’d like to thank Laura from Autumn’s Mummy for including me in this Christmas would you rather tag.

What are your Christmas traditions?

We have a few Christmas traditions that have evolved since daddy ragamuffin and I got married, and then again once Ragamuffin came along.

Tree Decorations

Every year each of us chooses a new decoration for the tree from a Christmas market or fair. Every year our tree fills up with memories of Christmas past. I love looking at the decorations and thinking about who chose it and where it came from.

Christmas Eve Box

After we got married, daddy ragamuffin and I started spending Christmas together after spending it apart with our own families until then. I have a much younger brother who I’m very close to and felt sad the first year we were going to be apart for Christmas. So I started making him a Christmas Eve box filled with things that he and I would normally do together on Christmas Eve. I’d put a Christmas DVD in, some new pyjamas, a small toy –  usually lego, some special hot chocolate with a new mug and some Christmas themed sweets. He’s outgrown that now, but it’s a tradition we’ve started as a family since Ragamuffin came along. We each have a new pair of pyjamas, mugs for hot chocolate and a Christmas story book. There is also a key for Santa to let himself in and some food for his reindeer.

Do you stick to your normal breakfast or have something different?

We have whatever we feel like. Without Ragamuffin, daddy and I would probably pick at chocolate during the morning before Christmas dinner. However, that’s not a great example to set to a toddler who will expect that every day, so it will probably be cereal, crumpets or toast. Maybe even a croissant if I remember to buy some.

Do you have presents before or after Christmas dinner?

We have presents first thing in the morning, whilst on Skype to different family members dotted around the country (we’re a 2.5 hour drive from our nearest relatives). I’m hoping to stagger the unwrapping of presents this year so that we don’t get overwhelmed with new stuff.

How does Santa get into your house?

We leave him a key in the Christmas Eve box. Don’t ask me how he gets to it from outside – he just does. It’s magic. Same goes for the reindeer food.

Do you do elf on the shelf? 

We don’t do elf on the shelf because I hate the naughty/nice aspect of Christmas.

So there you have it, my Christmas would you rather. Normally I’d tag some other bloggers to take part however, I think I’m a bit late for this year!

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