About Me

About Me

Hi I’m Kim, and welcome to my blog! I’m an almost 30, self-confessed TV addict mother of one. I enjoy most sports and take a keen interest in football when I can – I’m a Liverpool fan.

Me & My Family

I’m a Software Engineer married to daddy ragamuffin who teaches Maths at a local secondary school. Between the two of us ragamuffin has no hope of growing up without a geeky streak!

I returned to work in January 2016 on reduced hours following the arrival of ragamuffin in 2015.
In our spare time we like to get out and about as much as possible. On weekends you’re most likely to find us at a local farm or out geocaching.

We are a babywearing, attachment parenting and anything in between kind of family. We just go with the flow and make it up as we go along.

Stroking Piglets At Church Farm In Stow Bardolph
Stroking Piglets


I’m on a mission to reclaim the definition of ‘feminism’ and spread it’s true meaning! Ragamuffin and all girls deserve to grow up in a world where she has every opportunity that her male counterparts do.

I want to help women and young girls gain the confidence to speak out when they feel they’re being treated unfairly. I want to help parents raise a new generation of feminists and ultimately make the world a better place. I’m passionate about equal opportunities for all regardless of gender, race, sexuality or ability.

Not sure about feminism or why you should care? Check out my blog post Why Feminism Matters to Everyone

A Woman's Place is in the Resistance
A Woman’s Place is in the Resistance (Image sourced from Pixabay)


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